About Us

KVAHC funds support the Future of Archaeology and Current Archaeological Research

Because we are a private research group, we are able to support innovative projects that wouldn’t normally be funded through Archaeological Organizations.  The Kissimmee Valley Archaeological and Historical Conservancy (KVAHC) provides hands-on learning experiences for students while adhering to the methodological and ethical standards of scientific archaeological research.  KVAHC is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization so your donations are tax deductible.


  • Universities and State Colleges
  • Private and Public Elementary and Secondary Schools
  • Monthly Archaeology Education Programs
  • Monthly Hands-On Learning for Students
  • Monthly Educational Tours
  • Annual Conference Presentations
  • Annual Student Archaeology Research Grant
  • Thousands of Artifacts Donated to the Florida Museum of Natural History
  • Museum Display at South Florida State College
field research

Funds contributed go directly toward professional archaeological data recovery. All excavation activity is supervised by professional archaeologists. The Principal Investigator of the Blueberry Site is Dr. David Butler who is a Registered Professional Archaeologist with over 20 years of experience in Florida Archaeology.

Lab Proccessing and Analysis

Laboratory analysis of archaeological samples and archival processing for future research are costly procedures. Funds raised pay for KVAHC lab processing and out-sourcing to research facilities.

Archaeology Student Grant

Funds raised contribute to annual student grants for University students majoring in archaeology. Each year, the Chuck and Jane Wilde Archaeology Research Grant is presented to a archaeology student at an academic conference.

Supporting Educational Opportunities through Public Archaeology

Archaeological initiatives undertaken by the Kissimmee Valley Archaeological and Historical Conservancy have their foundation in benefiting the public through educational outreach and hands-on learning.  For example, the professionally supervised excavation and accompanying documentation incorporate students, public volunteers and KVAHC members.  Likewise, sorting, bagging and the processing of artifacts, include volunteers working alongside professional archaeologists.  Each step of archaeological data recovery and laboratory archival processing incorporates student and public volunteers.  Best of all, 100% of donated funds go toward  KVAHC initiatives.

With your help we can Accomplish So Much More

Our vision is simple: to promote excellence in education through ethical and inclusive archaeological research.

To continue our educational research, we need your support.  Together with your involvement, we can make a huge difference in the lives of students as well as other archaeological enthusiasts across the State of Florida.  By contributing to KVAHC, you are supporting scientifically rigorous, ethically responsible research that benefits primary, secondary and University students.  Moreover, since there are artifacts from the KVAHC excavation site (The Blueberry Site in Highlands County) on display at both the South Florida State College and the Florida Museum of Natural History, your donations are helping bring archaeology to life for museum patrons from Avon Park to Gainesville.  Thanks to the amazing owners of the Blueberry Site, Anne and Charles Reynolds, all artifacts from KVAHC excavation are donated to the Florida Museum of Natural History where they are studied by museum professionals and archaeology students.